Unable to Report on Funraise Answers with Funraise Event Registration

Hi there,

We can’t report on Funraise Answers (this comes in handy for events) because the relationship between Events Registrations and Funraise Answers is not a master-detail relationship but a lookup relationship only. It returns no results for Funraise Answers when a report is ran on Salesforce.

There is a master-detail relationship between Funraise Question and Funraise Answer. When reporting on “Funraise Event Registration” which should also pull in the Funraise Questions and Answers. However, because the Funraise Event Registration is the Grandchild object of Funraise Question (master of Funraise Answer), it won’t yield any reporting details on Funraise Answers.

Since Funraise is considered a third party application, we can’t create a master-detail relationship directly to Funraise Answer in Salesforce. Any ideas as to how to resolve this? This helps when we have an event that asks attendees their T-Shirt sizes… It makes it hard to track if we have to run two separate reports.


Hi @lhuang23 :wave:

Thanks for this question. It would not be possible to make Funraise Answers a master-detail to Registrations because a master-detail relationship is always a required connection, which means you could not have an Answer without a Registration. This is important because Funraise Answers can be applied to a Transaction, Fundraiser Signup, or Registration — and a Registration does not always exist.

A workaround could be to create a formula field on the Funraise Answer object that pulls the Funraise Question text, so you would have the Question text and Answer text with the Registration report. This should enable you to group Answers from Registrations with the same Question text.

I hope that helps! Please let me know if I have misunderstood your original question or if I can clarify further!