Dealing with duplicates

Anyone have a solid process for dealing with duplicates? When we run a big campaign we often have many duplicate accounts being created because a supporter chooses to use a different or new email address. It becomes really tedious to check each donor/donation one by one. Curious if anyone has figured out a better way to resolve possible duplicates. Thanks in advance!

Hi @quinn :wave:

The best way to handle duplicate Supporters is to merge them. This article at our knowledge base discusses this topic:

I’ll also share your feedback with our product team. Thanks!

Hey Tony, just to clarify I’m looking for advice on the step before merging! The actual process of identifying a duplicate supporter. Thanks!

Got it! Thanks for clarifying. At this time, Funraise does not have a tool to identify potential duplicates, but I’ve shared this request with our product team.

If anyone in the community has any workarounds, please share :slight_smile:

I agree that this is very important. I was under the impression based on the sales calls that Funraise has duplicate management, but it does not. I really hope this is something that you do very soon because data gets very messy very quickly without a good way to remove duplicates. EveryAction has a very good duplicate management option, so I suggest taking a look at that. We need something that suggests two records may be a duplicate by looking at similar names, periods in gmail addresses, etc. and allows the administrator to determine if it is indeed a duplicate and if to merge or not.

Hello @cecilhr, thanks for this additional feedback, I’ve shared it with our product team!