Code help on adding Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking


As the title says, working on adding/configuring ecommerce tracking with our Funraise forms. Is there anyone available to help set this up? I’m not a developer and limited on budget for something like this.

Is an integration of some kind planned for the future? Thanks in advance!

  • Mike

Hi @michael.masone :wave:

I’ve shared your request for a Google Analytics integration with our product team, who regularly prioritizes new features and improvements. Thanks for the request.

Using event handlers to pass data to Google Analytics is our recommended method because it enables the most flexibility. Our team is currently working on enhancing our developer documentation with a live example of GA4 setup using event handlers. We hope this new documentation empowers more organizations to take advantage of this method.

For a potential code-free option, it might be possible to use Funraise’s webhooks to pass data to Google Analytics through Zapier. (I’ve not tested this method, but worth a look).

  1. Have Zapier catch a webhook from Funraise
  2. Pass data to Google Analytics as a conversion event

I’ve also shared your request with your Success Manager to see if we can provide any further guidance or connect your team with a partner who can help.

Hey @michael.masone, here is the updated GA4 documentation I mentioned yesterday. I hope it helps! Tracking donations in Google Analytics GA4 | Funraise Knowledge Base