Is it possible to create a Funraise sandbox?


Is it possible to create a Funraise sandbox for testing? Often, when we need to add new automations to accommodate Funraise via Salesforce. As a result, we end up connecting to a live donation form to conduct tests.

An ability to replicate Funraise data and its donation form to test offline would be perfect.


Hi @lhuang23! Thanks for this question and feedback. Today, there is not a Funraise sandbox or testing mode for online donation forms. I’ve shared your feedback with our product team.

To test donation data flow from Funraise to Salesforce we suggest entering an offline donation, which will flow to Salesforce just like online donations.

If you need to specifically test online donations, we suggest making a $1 donation that can then be refunded from Funraise. Which is certainly not ideal, so your feedback is appreciated!

Thanks for responding, Tony. If you can, please pass it to your product team.

It’s pretty grilling to have to enter credit card information in the live donation form and to test customized and opt-in questions - Something we can’t do via an offline donation in Funraise.

Perhaps having those fields available in the Transactions section for offline gift creation for testing would be immensely helpful.