Archiving Forms

How do I completely close down a giving form so it becomes inaccessible to people once our event has started? We are selling raffle tickets, but we don’t want people to be able to purchase them past a certain timeframe during the event. I tried archiving the form - but since I had the link already open, it was still allowing me to purchase tickets even though the form was archived.

Hi @Kurias :wave:

Archiving a Giving Form will remove the form from your active forms list in the platform, but the form will still remain active wherever it’s been placed online.

To cease ticket sales, you have a few options:

1. Adjust remaining ticket quantity — You adjust the remaining ticket quantity for each ticket down to zero. With this option, the tickets will remain on the form, but supporters will not be able to purchase tickets as there is no amount remaining.

2. Remove the tickets from the form — You can remove the tickets from the form. This option will completely remove the tickets so supporters will not be able to purchase them.