Popup or placed form?

What’s better - a popup form or a placed form? I understand the difference between the embed options, but which one yields higher conversion/performs better?

Excellent question. The short answer is it depends. I’ve seen compelling layouts with both methods, but in 99% of cases, we recommend using a popup form (Button Launcher embed method). Here’s why…

1. Popup forms are mobile-friendly out-of-the-box
On a small screen, the popup form resizes to fill the screen for a great mobile experience. The placed form embed option is not as mobile-friendly. For the placed form, we recommend using media queries to change the placed form to a popup form for mobile devices.

2. Popup forms placed throughout your site can increase conversion
In many cases, a placed form is added to a donation page and that’s it. This is a traditional way of thinking about online donations. But the benefit of the popup form is that launcher buttons can be placed through your website. In a recent test, Action Against Hunger found that a popup donation form had a higher conversion rate than redirecting donors to a traditional donation page.

3. Popup forms can be launched with dynamic default settings
With popup forms, you’re able to create custom experiences with the same form through HTML attributes on your buttons. For example, you can add a button that launches the form with a specific amount or you can add a button that launches the form in a monthly frequency. Here’s an example of donation buttons that launch the form with a specific amount. You can learn more about using donation button attributes at our developer docs.