Looking for experience on guest check-in!

Anyone have any pointers/advice on guest check-in using the app for volunteers to scan the QR code ticket? Looking for advice on flow and suggested ratio of volunteers to guests to ensure the check-in process is fast and smooth.

Hi @Kurias,

In general the check in process using the app QR scanner is fairly quick. Once the guest has their QR code pulled up, the app can scan the QR code in a matter of seconds.

I would suggest that you also have Funraise open on a laptop close by so you can also check in guests from the platform if needed — Some guests may have deleted or not be able to locate the email that contains their ticket QR code. A printed list of registrations would also work as a backup.

Thank you! I thought there was a look-up field in the app? Is that only possible from the administrator side and not the volunteer side?

There is not a registration lookup field in the app. The app only allows for check-in via a QR scanner. A volunteer user will only have the ability to scan QR codes to check in a guest, so you’ll need a team member with a platform user account to check in guests from the platform as needed.