Constant Contact integration

Hi all! I’m debating whether or not to set up the Constant Contact integration. Does anyone use it and have any feedback? Tech team mentioned to me that there may be an issue of existing Constant Contact contacts being kicked off their historic lists when the sync with Funraise occurs—has anyone experienced this?

Additionally, do people have thoughts on using the new donor welcome email series in Funraise versus using a welcome series set up through their esp?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @quinn! I do not use the Constant Contact integration, but I can speak to your second question re: using Funraise’s native email campaigns or using your own ESP to build a new donor welcome campaign.

If you have your own ESP, and having more control over the design and sending schedule is important to you, I recommend you build a first-time donor welcome series in your ESP. With an integration, you should have the data you need to accomplish that particular automation and you’ll have much more flexibility in design and in sending configurations in an ESP like Constant Contact or Mailchimp.

The other email automation that Funraise offers, like the expiring recurring card campaign or the peer-to-peer automated campaigns, are more difficult to build within your ESP, so I would continue to use Funraise for the complex automations.