Importing Donations/Updating Active Subscription

I am trying to import legacy transactions and link them to an existing subscription. I used the update and add new records import, used the contact ID, giving form ID, and subscription ID. When I select “recurring” the gift imports as a recurring gift payment 1/1 and doesn’t update the subscription. When I do not select “recurring” the gift imports as a one time gift.

We had many gifts that did not initially import from our legacy systems and all of our recurring gifts that did import from our legacy systems imported in one of the two ways mentioned above.

Does anyone know how to import recurring gift payments AND link that payment to the active subscription/update the active subscription? Thanks!

Hi there!

It sounds like you’ve done the process correct as far as importing your historic transactions and linking them to your existing Funraise subscription records via the Subscription ID field.

The recurring sequence appearing as 1/1 and the subscription totals not updating is an unintended side effect of this import process that our team will work on correcting. Once the fix is released, you won’t need to do anything else and you’ll be able to see the corrected sequences and correct totals on the subscription record!