Percentage for donor covered fees

Our foundation has been asking donors to add a small percentage on top of their gift to cover their online transaction fees and we have seen some great success. When the donor covered fees structure changed away from the operations tip we got some significant negative feedback in a short amount of time. What type of feedback has your organization received from donors related to the change in fee structure? Has the number of donors opting out changed? I’d also be interested to know what your organizational mission supports - I feel like donors might be more likely to cover the fees for some missions over others. Thank you in advance for your perspective.

We’ve received a little bit of negative feedback as well due to the fee percentage jumping from 4.2% (that we set as the operations tip) to 8% under donors cover fees

@mdixon1895, thanks for this thread! Universally, we are seeing optimal opt-in rates that are outperforming our estimations that were based on the historic performance of the Operations Tip feature. We’re keen to hear firsthand experiences as we work to optimize this new feature for all organizations. Your feedback about opt-in rates by sector is definitely interesting and something we’ve discussed, your example is helpful. Our goal is to ensure a high opt-in rate for all organizations. Looking forward to the discussion!