Launching an email newsletter

We’re looking to start up an email newsletter for our donors. Any advice or tips? How often do other organizations send email?

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This is a great topic - just a few quick thoughts from me, but I imagine there will be lots of opinions here.

1. Be Consistent
Send your newsletter at the same time of the month or week. The format of the newsletter should also be consistent, maybe with little variations to spark surprise. Consistency = trust = brand loyalty.

2. Be Concise
Your donors are already receiving 100s of emails a day, half of them are newsletters. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to provide a joyful and speedy experience for donors. I suggest highlighting ONE main topic in your newsletter, and below that MAYBE two more topics - anything more than that is too much. If it takes a lot of effort to scroll through your newsletter, I’m less likely to open it next time.

2. Be Memorable
A well written newsletter is a joy and feels like a catch up conversation with a friend. If your newsletter is just a weekly task for you - it will be for your readers as well. Have fun with it.