Adding Filter Logics to Lists

Hi Tony!

I added this as an idea but would love to see this happen at some point…which is to add filter logics such as OR, AND and NOT keywords to make creating lists more dynamic in Funraise.

Currently, we can’t dynamically filter lists of supporters whose tags keyword such as “UK Trustee” & “emeritus board members” to be inclusive of all board members.

Having the filter logics would be awesome for that.


Hi @lhuang23! Our standard lists use AND logic when combining filters.

With our premium reporting tool, Fundraising Intelligence, you’ll have much more control over the filtering logic including OR, AND, and NOT options.

If this is important to your team, please reach out to your customer success manager who can share more about adding advanced reporting.

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your prompt response. That’s good to know that these features are available. Thanks for linking the Fundraising Intelligence tool and we will reach out if that becomes a need.